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by Phil
Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:46 am
Forum: Our Own Independent Representation
Topic: For example - Stretford House
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For example - Stretford House

I am Phil Murphy, I live in Stretford House, a Trafford Housing Trust property in Manchester.

I want real tenants to have their voices heard, saying what we want to say, discussing the issues we want dicussed.
by Phil
Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:52 pm
Forum: Huguenot House
Topic: hi Brenda
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hi Brenda

Might a facility like this be useful do you think, to share info and support? Elelments can be made invisible too so that only selected people can see and access them. It's an idea I've been playing with, making this place avaiable to tenants of all descriptions to vent and offer mutual support and ...
by Phil
Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:16 am
Forum: General Leaseholder Issues by Location
Topic: Cavity wall issues
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Cavity wall issues

by Phil
Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:23 pm
Forum: Media Relating to Fire Safety in Flats
Topic: function test
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function test

by Phil
Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:35 pm
Forum: Problems Getting A Fire Risk Assessment
Topic: Welcome to phpBB3
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Welcome to phpBB3

This is an example post in your phpBB3 installation. Everything seems to be working. You may delete this post if you like and continue to set up your board. During the installation process your first category and your first forum are assigned an appropriate set of permissions for the predefined user...